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Maintenance Request Guidelines


General Maintenance:


Life happens, and we are here to resolve maintenance situations.


Remember: All maintenance requests need to be submitted through the tenant login portal. Only emergency calls are taken over the phone, please read below for emergency maintenance guidelines.


For Non-Emergency Situations: locking out of the house, pest control request, Home Owners Association letters received to appliances not working properly, please create a work order at our portal to request them and we will gladly respond you in the next 24 hours.


For Emergency Situations:

An emergency is related to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property. 


  • Fire: Call the Fire Department immediately 


  • Electricity: Please call the electrical company to report, only if there is no electricity. Partial outages do not represent an emergency!  If smoke or smell is present remove all plugs and turn off switch if necessary call the fire department.


  • A/C repair: A/C repair is not considered an emergency. We will respond in the next 24 hours.


  • Clogged toilet or drain: Call a plumber. If it turns out that there is something physically wrong with the plumbing we will reimburse you.


  • Broken pipe: Turn off water valve to pipe or exterior water main until contractor arrives.  We will call the contractor.


  • Broken doorknob, lock or window: Only if it prevents resident from properly securing unit. If temporary measures can be taken until business hours, resident should wait until regular business hours before contacting management.